Advertising Policy

Advertising Policy for Indonesian Journal of Earth Sciences (InJoES)

The Indonesian Journal of Earth Sciences (InJoES) is committed to maintaining the integrity and quality of its published content. As part of our commitment to transparency and ethical practices, we outline our advertising policy below:

Types of Advertisements

InJoES will consider a variety of advertisements that are relevant to the field of Earth Sciences and academia. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Academic conferences and events
  • Educational resources and tools
  • Scientific equipment and services
  • Books and publications in Earth Sciences
  • Job postings and career opportunities in related fields

Decision-Making Process

The decision to accept advertisements is made by the journal's advertising committee, which operates independently of the editorial team. This committee ensures that all advertisements meet our ethical standards and are appropriate for our audience.

Ad Placement and Display

Advertisements on our website are displayed at random and are not linked to specific content or reader behavior. This ensures that there is no bias or influence on the editorial content based on advertising.

Separation from Editorial Content

InJoES maintains a clear separation between advertisements and editorial content. Advertisements will never influence editorial decisions, and they are visually distinct from published articles and other content to avoid any potential confusion or bias.

No Influence on Editorial Decision-Making

We guarantee that advertisements do not influence our editorial decision-making process. All submissions are evaluated based on their scientific merit and contribution to the field, irrespective of any advertising considerations.

Contact Information

For any inquiries regarding advertising, please contact our advertising committee at