Call for Papers: Journal of Digital Learning and Education (JDLE) Volume 04, 2024


MO.RI Publishing warmly invites researchers, scholars, educators, and practitioners to submit their scientific manuscripts to the Journal of Digital Learning and Education (JDLE) for the year 2024. JDLE is dedicated to providing a dynamic forum for the dissemination of cutting-edge research and developments in the field of Digital Learning and Education.

Forthcoming Issues 2024:

  • Volume 04 No. 1: April 2024
  • Volume 04 No. 2: August 2024
  • Volume 04 No. 3: December 2024

Scope for 2024 Submissions:

We are looking for original research, case studies, reviews, and short communications in areas including but not limited to:

  • E-Learning: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities
  • Advanced E-Learning Methodologies and Technologies
  • Interactive Digital Learning Environments
  • AI and Machine Learning in Education
  • Gamification in E-Learning
  • Online Education and Remote Learning Strategies
  • Emerging Technologies in Education (VR, AR, IoT)
  • Digital Transformation in Educational Systems
  • Blended and Hybrid Learning Models
  • Innovative Pedagogical Approaches
  • Digital Equity and Access in Education
  • Data Analytics and Learning Assessment
  • Ethical and Social Implications of Digital Learning
  • Lifelong Learning and Adult Education Technologies
  • Digital Literacy and Competence Development

Submission Guidelines:

For submission guidelines and author instructions, please visit our website: Author Guidelines

Registration and Submission:

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Contact Us:

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About JDLE:

The Journal of Digital Learning and Education is committed to advancing the field of digital learning and education. We promote the development of both theoretical and practical aspects, supporting high-quality research through a fair, rapid, and rigorous peer-review process managed by a team of professional editors.